Pack of 10 Sheets - Snake Pattern Nail Art Transfer Foils


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Pack of 10 Sheets - Snake Pattern Nail Art Transfer Foils

These gorgeous Nail Art Transfer Foils will give your nails the best finishing touch. Simply paint your nails with a background colour of your choice, apply our Bonnie Nails Foil Gel and cure under a UV or LED lamp (60 seconds LED and 120 seconds UV) wait 30 seconds after curing then cut out your chosen foil and apply it to your nail pressing firmly with your finger, peel off the backing, repeat the process to fill in any bits. You’ll have the most unique, perfect looking nails that will turn everybody’s head.  

  • Perfect for toes nails too
  • Create unique and innovative designs
  • All 10 snake pattern nail art transfer foils
  • Sheet Size: Approx. 4cm x 100cm
  • Check out our Instagram page for mini tutorials and design inspiration @Bonnie_nails_BN