Acrylic Bead Practise Sheet (x 3 sheets)


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Acrylic Bead Practise Sheet (x 3 sheets)


Before you start applying acrylic to nails or a practise hand, it is important that you get to know your brush, the polymer powder and liquid monomer. It is incredibly difficult to master the art of picking up an acrylic bead.

Too much liquid monomer and not enough polymer will make the bead too streaky which will show on application, the bead will be too runny and it will take a while to dry.

Too much polymer will make the bead too thick and it is likely to fall off your brush or even pop off the nail once it has dried.

It is important to ensure you have the perfect blend of both and this takes practise. This will be very frustrating for a beginner but its worth practising until you get it perfect, it would be very embarrassing performing treatment on a client if you cant get this stage right to begin with.

You will notice that your bonnie nails practise sheet has three different sized circles. This is for practising a small, medium and large bead.

Each sheet is intended for single use.